About Us

Devour: “to eagerly satisfy one’s hunger.”

Your customers are looking for a fun and seamless experience with your brand along every digital interaction, and your business needs to be there for them.

As a hospitality driven business moving increasingly online, ensuring a positive digital customer experience is crucial for maintaining your real world success.

What makes us different.

Our agile team is fully remote, giving each team member the freedom to work where and when works best for them. We communicate using Slack, project manage using ClickUp, and use Notion.so as a team wiki and shared collaboration space.


We develop custom digital customer experiences that prioritize positive engagement and maximizing lifetime value.

We understand digital marketing and e-hospitality touch-points.

We believe in 1% daily improvement.

We invest heavily in our team’s development including access premium online courses, tools, and paid study.




The Team.



Team Lead


Greg is the founder and team lead for Devour Hawaii.

He has been using computers since Windows 3.0, and thinks building startups, like building effective advertising campaigns, are both an art and a science.

He has a passion for using a combination of creativity and technology to solve business problem.



Exec. Assistant


Visual Design


Search Engine Marketing


Social Media


Web Apps


Social Advertising



Our Partners

We utilize cutting edge tools and software innovations to build bold and effective custom software systems for our clients.

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We’d like to learn more about your business and see how our solutions can augment your current efforts and help your business succeed.