The Virtual Restaurant Experience

Your ticket to increasing sales during lockdown.

Introducing the most powerful marketing tool to survive the COVID19 lockdown.

Designed to increase sales through multi-channel marketing and grow your database instead of renting an audience.

See for yourself how chat marketing is helping thousands of restaurants around the globe.

Click below to view a demo of our Virtual Restaurant experience.

Your virtual restaurant includes:

Watch a demo! 👇

eCommerce digital ordering system

Stripe or Paypal integration

Keyword menu search. E.g.  “vegetarian”

Spreadsheet based management

Customer data capture

Text to order phone #

Click to get directions

1 Free Facebook Ad Setup

SMS, Email and Messenger order reminders


Review generation

Customer service chat training

Free management and support during lockdown

+ Options to extend with features like upsells and wine pairing

Watch a demo! 👇

Your Digital Menu

With the simple click of a link you can bring your customers into a responsive chat where they can view and browse your entire menu, search keywords like “vegetarian”, and customize their cart to fit their taste! Optional expansion packs can add things like menu upsells and fun tricks like wine pairing.

Cart System

The customizable cart system allows customers to add and remove items for their cart, and select customizable options for their order like cooking temp, salad dressing, and more! Want to add a section for order notes? No problem!


When your customers are ready to check out, it’s as simple as entering their credit card information. You can give them the option between pickup or delivery, apply delivery fees if applicable, and even easily apply a tip. When you get a purchase they receive a receipt, your kitchen receives the order. Want to really wow your customers? Send them an SMS reminder 10 minutes before the order is ready so they can enjoy the food as it was meant to be tasted.

Review Generation

iIn the restaurant game, keeping your quality standards high and your number of positive online reviews is paramount. With the Virtual Restaurant system, you can easily ask them to rate their experience and offer them a chance to tell others about it.

QR Codes

With the Virtual Restaurant the possibilities are practically endless. You can easily share or print a custom QR code on your physical menus or in your Facebook header image. If you have an iPhone (or a newer Android), open your camera app and try it out for yourself using the QR code to the right.

How It Works

 We use the latest marketing technology to build out and customize the back-end of your digital ordering system. Don’t worry, you will have a simple spreadsheet to manage your menu items and your inventory. We handle everything else.

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level?

Under normal circumstances the Virtual Restaurant would sell for $649, but in order to help local restaurants during the COVID19 Lockdown we are offering this incredible marketing system for only $199 and providing ongoing management at no cost until May 31st.*

This is a savings of over $400! 🤯 But it is only available to the first 10 restaurants who sign up before the price increases. Claim your Virtual Restaurant system by clicking below!

*(Some software use costs still apply and are based on the number of customers in your database.)